"Galerian Lines"

The Euphoria of Solo Travel

Going to places appeals a lot to me. Fresh air that brushes against my face, new sights that inspire the kid in me, countryside-living that teaches a lesson or two, fogs or sands under my feet that remind me of my humanity, and stargazing that keeps me hopeful – yes, I long to experience them (more often). I am not sure whether I am a loner. Yes, I enjoy other person’s company. However, I prefer solitude. Silence brings rhythm to my heart and feeds harmony to my mind. Imagine staring at the vast ocean and listening to the waves in an uninterrupted manner; and or admiring the grandeur of the mountains and marveling at its beauty in a soulful way. They are my idea of a getaway. Yes, away from my routine and a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

"Infinity Resort"
Serenity along the shores of Talipanan Beach

Recently, I have been to Puerto Galera in Talipanan area, where I could count the people going to and fro. I rode the bus at Buendia going to Batangas port. Galerian Lines, the not-so-big but not-so-little boat, carried me to the shores of Talipanan Beach Resort. I walked around. It is a place where silence exists. The locals are polite and warm. The foods at Luca’s are good. The accommodation is sui generis.

"Talipanan Getaway"
Your Disorder Made Normal

By the way, did you know that I really love the beach but not actually the dip? I simply adore its serenity, the glistening waters, the white sand. I like the beach when the Sun is not so up and not so mad at me. Nonetheless, since he is always like that to me, I wear the most protective gears from its UV rays – rashguard with beach hat plus SPF 100. See that disorder? Hating the beach when the Sun is out of sight!

"Talipanan Beach"
Your Spirit Nurtured

I could not wait to see another place. Yes, I currently think about my next getaway. I realized though the pros and cons of traveling alone. The upside is the solo traveler has the full control of all things. The downside is the cost. The latter could be manageable though. In the end, I learned that traveling is an intimate thing. Thus, it is necessary that (just in case) you only bring good if not great friends with you. Otherwise, enjoy it alone.

‘Til then.

With love,

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