"Mt.Damas specs"

Mt. Damas: Looking for A Rematch?

“The mountains are calling. I must go!” Previously, I’d be content in spending most of my weekends with a book in the comforts of my place until a window opened […]

Mt. Maculot: Young Love to A Youngblood

Remember when you were learning to balance and pedal a bicycle? The bruises, if not open wounds, motivated you even more to overcome the stunts that made heads turn. What […]

Mt. Mapalad: Mountaineering 101

Every time I’d hear either a lonesome buddy or a group of people claiming to have traversed the wilderness and assaulted a summit, I’d wonder what’s in the mountains that […]

Dingalan: A Gem in the East

In this era when everyone appears to be entitled to everything one can think of, don’t you think you, too, deserve even a short yet fulfilling getaway, quick yet liberating […]