O’s Little Guide to Finding Your True Purpose: What’s Your Calling?

O’s Little Guide to Finding Your True Purpose will walk you through life’s challenging yet rewarding scenarios, and will quick-start your year.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck: A Giving Back to Oneself

Entitlement. Avenging oneself. These boil down to asserting a right, which the Constitution enshrined. By the way, are they worth your time, effort and energy? Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art […]

"the universe has your back"

The Universe Has Your Back

The assurance that The Universe Has Your Back is solace when un-good vibes cloud our objectivity, frustrations diminish our energy, and loathing consumes the best in us; and thereby disturb […]

"Learn Like Einstein"

Learn Like Einstein

Did you know that I have always wanted to be like Einstein? I wanted to become a scientist after I realized that my dream of becoming the president of my […]

"As A Man Thinketh"

Five Reasons Why We Should Choose Our Thoughts

In a rapidly changing society shaped by the fast-paced modern technology, we often get captive of ideas and concepts that instead of clarifying our purpose, obstruct its rationalization into our […]