Silence and the Beans

How are you doing? It’s been a while. I became so comfortable with silence that I get used to it. In silence, I have been to some places, met new friends, reflected on matters of importance; and most of all, changed priorities and knew more about myself.

I learned that the Philippines has 81 provinces, and I’d love to see each of them. The thought of experiencing each of them excites me a lot. Conversations with the locals, learning about the town’s culture, and finding myself related to them in one way or the other, I get to look at the bigger picture. How the sight of too much greenery clears the mind, the fresh air while viewing sunrise realigns the perspective, and the concept of freedom, which the clear sky brings — invigorates the soul; I’d definitely love to make my Saturdays and Sundays — my every day.

However, it would be surreal and life would lose its thrill. A man’s existence isn’t all about leisure. It also entails an everyday grind, a decision to live well the present from the wisdom of the past, and consistency to make passions fashionable.

Similarly, treasure your own circle, your very own tribe — who knows the real you, supports your advocacies, and cheers you up in your journey. Then, take a tab at those who belong to the Others Category. It is because each person comes on a particular season and on specific reason. Some comes to crash you, only to bring out resilience in you. Nonetheless and in every case, trust your instinct and surf with the tide.

For one, no man is an island. We have to build bridges, and strengthen existing ones. Be careful though not to overwork things. Everything forced is not worth the sweat. Thus, some friendships are meant to blossom. Some do not. So, if it will, it would. Keep it natural by not forcing things.

Consequently, in the midst of hustles and bustles of everyday life, stay low key. Not everyone needs to know about you, your earnings, and more so, your next moves. So, how am I? I’m good. However, if you see me in silence or in deep thoughts — please don’t be bothered. Either way, I’m having a meeting with myself on an urgent matter or we are delirious on the recent reads and/or travel we’ve just had.

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