Samgyeop Masarap: An Easy Korean Grill

Annyeong haseyo! Have you been to Samgyeop Masarap? It is an unlimited Korean Grill, offering marinated and spiced beef, pork and chicken, which I came across at 4F SM City Manila recently. My eyes feasted on the lettuce at the side and all the colorful dishes in small proportions.

I was amazed at how the crew at Samgyeop Masarap set the table before us. I wondered how the Korean craze has actually invaded the Philippine culture, its television, and even the Filipino appetite. Was it about the little details that appeared like thoughtful? Or the spices, which resembled or surpassed the taste which Magellan brought in when he sojourned the Philippine territory? I cannot be sure myself. So, when the setting up was finally done, I began grilling the chicken while my friend grilled pork on the other side of the griller. Once done, I wrapped the chicken slices in the lettuce, dropped some shreds of onions and poured hot melted cheese, and took a very big bite. Et voilà! I wondered what that was. So, I prepared another, and took another large bite.

I took note of the cheese. The slab in an aluminum ware and being put on the griller was tastier than the cheddar-tasting one. I could not be sure if it was blue cheese and my mind was debating whether it was camembert, emmental or cotija (unlimited blue cheese in PH?!). There was oil-looking sauce. I was not adventurous to try it. The kimchi was the same with very strong, spicy taste. I asked for another serving actually. The sliced, seasoned radish was something else. If you are used to eating raddish, go for it. You can have as much as you want (pun intended). Oh by the way, the drinks were billed separately. We ordered pineapple for me, and iced tea for my friend, both bottomless. Thankfully, there was no more trivia!

The meat at Samgyeop Masarap was obviously seasoned, spiced and all these sort. You could do it at home, too. However, what made dining here special was the tête-à-tête while grilling the meat. How the day went, and whether the tasks were completed while asking for more cheese and kimchi. Besides, it was funny to think that you would prepare your dining table after work, as done at Samgyeop? Then, wash all the dishes? Could you count all the wares that have been used?

So, I think dining at this Korean restaurant is more on convenience. Did you know that I wish I could bring their full table (with refills) at home? I see how epic watching Korean series could be with an unlimited Samgyeop cheese.

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