Strolling Pangasinan, La Union and Baguio City in 48 Hours

When colorful drawings pile up, and you, too, think could enhance both their hues and tints so as to make them more avant garde. You hesitate because you are sure […]

Inferno: A Glimpse at Truth through the Eyes of Death

Set in Florence, Venice, with quick turn-around in the Philippines, and then in Istanbul, Dan Brown masterfully weaved his riveting Inferno. Remember Robert Langdon in Harris Tweed, including his Mickey […]

Brida: Rediscovering Spirituality, Keeping in Touch with Inner Self

“Are we there yet?” we might ask ourselves every now and then. In this generation when soul searching often leads us to crossroads, Paulo Coelho‘s Brida is a timely read. […]

Homo Deus: How We Face Death

“Do you want to die?” asked the priest in the beginning of his homily yesternight. On my way home, I remembered the series of quakes that hit the Metro in […]

Rogue Lawyer: A Face in A Million

Justice, fair trial, ethical standards. They are in the law and discussed in great details in the annotations. Whether the reader aspires to go to law school, a law student, […]

Oregon Kids: Honesty in Bright Colors

Johanna lost her pet rabbit. Would she still find it? Where “finder’s keepers” becomes a rule in the society (where you thrive), Bob Richley‘s The Oregon Kids: Runaway Whiskers is […]

"mighty blue"

Mighty Blue: Warming Everyone’s Heart this Yuletide

Sparkling lights, glamorous trees, colorful wreaths, half-filled sock-shaped bags, peppermint-flavored candy canes, creative Nativity scenes. The many forms of gifts. Generally, they are for the kids. They are for those […]

Never Take Another Puff: How to Break-free from Nicotine Slavery

Why can’t smokers simply quit smoking? Granting they do, why do smokers relapse? Joel Spitzer’s Never Take Another Puff is an interesting guide towards understanding smoking, its impact to smokers […]

The Story Grid

Story Grid: Towards Holy Grail of Publishing

Writing is an art, which begins with the interest in words including their etymology and usage. Whether writing serves as hobby, profession or diversion, the fulfillment lies in crafting a […]

Baguio City: Hitch-hiking Crowded Solitude

At the height of the storm, I left my comfort zone. Why not? Do adventures need to be around perfect weather condition all the time? Into the heavy rains, which […]

Salvage the Bones: Poetry and Reality in the Penumbra

Mischievous yet insightful. Raw yet incantatory. Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward dissects the overlapping of literary rhythm and brazen realities. It takes home the 2011 National Book Award. A […]

Passenger 19: Large-scale Conspiracy or Plain Hijacking?

TAC-Air Flight 223, which carries 21 passengers, a captain and two crew members, crashes in a jungle of Southern Colombia. However, two passengers listed on the manifest are missing. One […]

Everything We Keep: Getting Past Catharsis

When your wedding day turns out respects to a funeral, would you still believe in a happily ever after, known also as forever? Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale reconciles […]

Eyes On You: Who Did You Do Wrong?

The intuition that you are being followed, does it give you goosebumps? Where do you run when you realize you have a stalker, so ominous that he does not only […]

By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept: Becoming Godlike

Forgiveness. By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept. How do you forgive a remorseless person? For-give-ness. By the sound of its syllabication, what twinge or pang does it […]

"the little bookshop on the seine"

The Little Bookshop On The Seine: Moving Forward, Chasing Only Things Magnifique

Agoraphobic. Or simply introverted. Whatever keeps you between-four-walls, The Little Bookshop On The Seine shows that the world out there is amazingly vast. Rebecca Raisin makes the presentation so vibrant […]

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck: A Giving Back to Oneself

Entitlement. Avenging oneself. These boil down to asserting a right, which the Constitution enshrined. By the way, are they worth your time, effort and energy? Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art […]

The Sound of Rain: Learning The Art of Resilience

How do you deal with churning betrayals? How do you avenge yourself? As I flip through Gregg Olsen’s fascinating yet purging The Sound of Rain, these questions seep through the […]

"extreme weight loss diets"

Extreme Weight Loss Diets, Anyone?

Why would you do Extreme Weight Loss Diets as Sarah Newman theorizes in her book? That stunning red dress or powerful black formals in the boutique, you need to fit […]

"Stop Worrying and Start Living"

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living: Time-tested Methods for Conquering Worry

Worries are like magnets that deprive a person to live life meaningfully. It is propounded picturesquely in How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. This book details […]