"Learn Like Einstein"

Learn Like Einstein

Did you know that I have always wanted to be like Einstein? I wanted to become a scientist after I realized that my dream of becoming the president of my country during the first grade was funny. However, I grew up an artist. So, when I came across Learn Like Einstein by Peter Hollins recently in Kindle, I clicked the instant purchase.

Learn Like Einstein delves on techniques on how to memorize more, read faster, focus better and master anything with ease towards becoming an expert in record time. I wonder why it is published only on March 18, 2017 when I could have learned the tips even before going to college. Are you a learner (like me) who cram the night before the exams? Hollins shows both the advantage and disadvantage of doing so.

The realization would make you smile and adhere to both science and art of learning, that learning is more enjoyable when it is linked to pleasure and dedication. Moreover, Learn Like Einstein not only leads the reader to a full understanding of the learning process through scientific illustrations but encourages as well the necessity of having a grip of oneself towards the attainment of a realistic and measurable goal. For one, each person is different and learning comes in many ways. However, reading is essential in any aspect of learning. Thus, it is important to structure readings and make them worthwhile.

Each page of Learn Like Einstein is engaging and Hollins must really know his craft. Hollins’ approach is germane both to the psychological and emotional growths of the reader. I could not afford to be more detailed so as not to spoil your pleasurable reading of this book. I would like to assure you that reading Learn Like Einstein and writing this review are not commissioned. It is simply my hobby to read and document my good reads.

Happy fruitful reading!

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