January 2020: Exploring the Stock Market

New Year’s Resolutions almost always accompany new years, do you agree? Whatever is your view though and cliché as I may sound, I have a leaning to something rarely seen and explored like the Stock Market (yes, at least within my circle). How does it work and how does one thrive, who knows? If statistics shows, as it does, that only one percent of the Philippine population compose the Stock Market, would it somehow titillate your curiosity?

Understanding PSE Numerics

Stock Market, by the way, is the place where one can invest in ‘publicly owned’ or PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) listed companies. Here, one invests into a company to participate in its ability to earn and grow profits. Simply put, your money grows through price appreciation and earning dividends. Pause. I would like to say (every now and then) while attending the Bo Sanchez’ Training/Seminar on Understanding the Stock Market recently at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. There are times when I encounter a new species, I want the concrete details outright. Like examining real numbers, and not imagining tangents, cosines, and square roots. And before my mind drifted, I kept up.

How does Asset Allocation stands

What makes the stock market more interesting? It may be likened to a game where rules are plain easy, such as (1) Invest regularly; (2) Buy at buy below prices; (3) Stop buying when prices go beyond the buy below price; (4) Wait for the target price, sell when the target price is hit; and (5) Reinvest in other stocks like Strategic Averaging Method and Mutual Funds. Then it occurred to me that achieving financial freedom begins with financial confidence.

In this fast changing world, we need to know things like these.

It is also essential to know what you are getting into, where you are coming from and the reality comprising your cycle. While you may doubt whether poverty really exists in the Philippines, it won’t hurt to know why some people are poor. Could it be that they don’t want to be rich? We associate huge earnings with something evil or with tough responsibilities. Could it be that they are financially stup*d? They only know how to spend. Or, could it be that they don’t ride vehicles to wealth? They stick to traditional routes.

Taking it from Bo’s Perspective

This is the thrill, which an Early Bird/Regular Ticket gave me one weekend. And while this appears exciting to me, I earn even when I sleep, the other side of me keeps pounding every detail of it. Nonetheless, I would like to see you on the next training/seminar. Let’s learn more!

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