"crystal beach surfing"

Crystal Beach Resort: Rendezvous to The Soul-searching Self

Crystal Beach Resort Camping
Up north, at Crystal Beach Resort

On a placid Friday night, I found myself searching the realm of my soul. On the winding road to Crystal Beach Resort, bus aboard, I peered out the window and stared into the unknown. Structures, proud or humble; trees, big or small; spaces, darkened or lighted; I saw a glimpse of the world. People, known or anonymous, I understood, have magical or not-so-ones purpose of their own. The destinations of each however long or short, will yield to fruition.

"soul searching"
A soul wandered as gypsy quests

While the journey dragged and the soul became arid, solace I found under a starry night with my hand-carried royal blue tent as my accommodation. That was it, the most anticipated alone-time by the shore. At a sand-embraced Zambales, in a candid Crystal Beach Resort in San Narciso, I awoke amidst the crowd of strangers.

People bummed Crystal Beach in frolic; and conquered the mighty waves astonished at themselves. Others sought the god of the pines; while some feasted on tangy grilled spiced meat over drinks that meet conscious oblivion. People would traverse the path of happiness and peace, and could go into such length and cost towards its attainment, I learned. Strangers could be in harmony with each other, and so, why those associated with one another would not in many ways, the pondering me pounded. C’est la vie, Mademoiselle!

"Bumming Crystal Beach"
Empowered at solitude’s bliss

As the hours tic(ed)-tac(ed) at Crystal Beach towards the first day of the week, I wrapped up and drew courage. That exam of a lifetime, that test of fitness and initiation into the league, thou shall not be scared. With a sun-like purpose, thou shall not be dazed. The dream of each student should burn with ardor and rise unfazed. Life is what it is, though oftentimes like a maze. Find and hold thyself and keep the faith; for life is like an ecosystem with a predator in haste.

"crystal beach sunset"
Shimmering beach, the setting sun kissed

Not a façade but a grandeur under a vast and soulful canopy, Crystal Beach is that haven to me. Pristine waters, fresh air, clear sky and fine sand, she selflessly offers. Soul-searchers can seek her in marvelous ways.

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