Baywalk: Between Sunset and Sunrise

Baywalk, a two-kilometer esplanade along Roxas Boulevard in Manila, has picturesque sunrise and sunset. It has objects that when the lenses capture make it to Best Picture Awards.

Mt. 387: Some Fleeting Moments

Known as the Chocolate Hills of the North, Mt. 387 stands 724 MASL in the Caraballo mountain ranges of Carranglan, Nueva Ecija.

Bolinao, Pangasinan: Next World Heritage Site?

Scholars push for Bolinao’s nomination to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. At present, the Bolinao Marine Laboratory, through the active participation of the University of Philippines, supports the conservation of Bolinao’s giant clams and other sea life.

Mt. Batolusong: Capturing Serenity, Reconnecting with Self

Climbing Mt. Batolusong isn’t like stadiums where we marathon to display our achievements. Mountains are like cathedrals where we practice our religion.

"Mt.Damas specs"

Mt. Damas: Looking for A Rematch?

“The mountains are calling. I must go!” Previously, I’d be content in spending most of my weekends with a book in the comforts of my place until a window opened […]

Mt. Maculot: Young Love to A Youngblood

Remember when you were learning to balance and pedal a bicycle? The bruises, if not open wounds, motivated you even more to overcome the stunts that made heads turn. What […]

Mt. Mapalad: Mountaineering 101

Every time I’d hear either a lonesome buddy or a group of people claiming to have traversed the wilderness and assaulted a summit, I’d wonder what’s in the mountains that […]

Dingalan: A Gem in the East

In this era when everyone appears to be entitled to everything one can think of, don’t you think you, too, deserve even a short yet fulfilling getaway, quick yet liberating […]

Baler: A Peek at Yesterday in Today’s Light

Looking for an adventure that’s cool and easily accessible? It’s Baler, a five to six-hour bus or van ride from the Metro. Stretched in the east coast of Central Luzon, […]

Strolling Pangasinan, La Union and Baguio City in 48 Hours

When colorful drawings pile up, and you, too, think could enhance both their hues and tints so as to make them more avant garde. You hesitate because you are sure […]

Baguio City: Hitch-hiking Crowded Solitude

At the height of the storm, I left my comfort zone. Why not? Do adventures need to be around perfect weather condition all the time? Into the heavy rains, which […]

Fortune Island: Exploring the Immensity of Nature

Fortune Island lies off the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas. It is adjacent to the West Philippine Sea, formerly known as the South China Sea. This island can be reached through […]

"crystal beach surfing"

Crystal Beach Resort: Rendezvous to The Soul-searching Self

On a placid Friday night, I found myself searching the realm of my soul. On the winding road to Crystal Beach Resort, bus aboard, I peered out the window and […]

"Galerian Lines"

The Euphoria of Solo Travel

Going to places appeals a lot to me. Fresh air that brushes against my face, new sights that inspire the kid in me, countryside-living that teaches a lesson or two, […]