"Camino Island"

Camino Island

Reading the Camino Island is like hopping the beach as I cancelled a getaway. It is enjoying the sun and sand as I stayed indoors. It is skipping a heartbeat or two as I kept up with John Grisham’s suspense and thrill.

Another Grisham’s genius, the Camino Island is a neighborhood by the beach. It has a small-time bookstore that houses debut novels and bestselling books. It has collections of first editions, and rare ones. The latter includes the controversial F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts owned by Princeton University Library. The Camino Island shows how these manuscripts were taken by a gang of thieves, getting past state-of-the-art alarms and technologies. They then transferred ownership through discreet trading in the black market. The thrill builds its peak when the hunt began and the chase executed. The climax hits bullesye when they were retransferred under the gaze of the FBI.

The Camino Island is not the usual Grisham where lawyers take the center stage. It is fascinating to see writers and booksellers lead the role. The Camino Island is excellent in keeping the suspense and thrill in a beach setting. What makes it even more interesting is the portrayal of each writer’s lifestyle. The illustration of the writing process is simply magnanimous. The camaraderie in the community, which keeps writers, is simply worth noting.  More importantly, the close-writing-mentoring makes Grisham sui generis.

The Camino Island is actually a wonderful weekend getaway in itself. It throws away valuable information on how to have a tight grip of writing. It also enumerates the basic books, which each aspiring writer or writers alike should read. While the subject of the present review is the Camino Island, please see the Beach Lawyer, as well. The latter is similar to the former. Scrutinize my notes and see my point.

Published by Doubleday on June 6, 2017, Grisham’s Camino Island has compelling 304 pages in eight chapters. You would not want to miss this Grisham‘s latest book. It is a great beach-read. It is a mesmerizing beach experience in case your beach itinerary could not push through due to inevitable reasons.

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