Baywalk: Between Sunset and Sunrise

Need a sort of short Me-Time just to see things on the perspective? How about having your favorite cup of coffee at Baywalk? When nighttime is too short on a weekday, and in a few more hours you have to get back to work, you just need to be a little creative in finding comfort at whatever resources may be available.

Baywalk is a two-kilometer esplanade along Roxas Boulevard in Manila. The vast and busy stretch may be drawn from the US Embassy to the Cultural Center of the Philippines, passing along the Manila Yacht Club. It has varieties of restaurants, bars, and caf├ęs. You will also find the Manila Bay Cruise by Sun Cruises at the southern part of the bay. Does it bring you inspiration on an upcoming important event? While Baywalk has changed dramatically, some things remain. At night, you will still enjoy listening to the live bands. In the morning, especially on weekends, you will see sports enthusiasts cycling, jogging, brisk-walking or roaming the area. At anytime, you also come across photographers, both pro and newbie. Why not? Baywalk has picturesque sunrise and sunset. It has objects that when the lenses capture make them to the Best Picture Award.

Take it easy.

Did you know that Baywalk is a place for everyone? If you are the type who prefer some alone time just to savour peace and quiet after work or before the morning breaks, you will find a spot that will definitely suit you. And why do you need a Me-Time? While it does not have to be a whole day or night event, a 15-minute of it each day allows you to recharge, to reassess things, and to reboot your strategies. Sometimes, a change in venue for your Me-Time works great of a deal.

Courage is grace under pressure. -Ernest Hemingway

Still in-between sunset and sunrise? Explore. It does not need to be faraway. Sometimes, the inspiration is just at the tip of your nose requiring only a change in angle to pick up the better perspective.

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