Rooster Bar: The Other Side of Grisham

Others feel differently after reading The Rooster Bar because they are used to Grisham’s verve. Could this be because Grisham is re-inventing himself, and on the process change has become imminent?

Master of the Game: Differentiating Tips from Tricks

When Jamie left Scotland for Klipdrift, South Africa to find his fortune, he was swindled, leaving him nothing. His struggles to fight for what is due him, and to stay alive are simply heart-pounding and mind-blowing.

Bolinao, Pangasinan: Next World Heritage Site?

Scholars push for Bolinao’s nomination to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. At present, the Bolinao Marine Laboratory, through the active participation of the University of Philippines, supports the conservation of Bolinao’s giant clams and other sea life.

Silence and the Beans

If you see me in silence or in deep thoughts — please don’t be bothered. Either way, I’m having a meeting with myself on an urgent matter or we are delirious on the recent reads and/or travel we’ve just had.