Baguio City: Hitch-hiking Crowded Solitude

At the height of the storm, I left my comfort zone. Why not? Do adventures need to be around perfect weather condition all the time? Into the heavy rains, which […]

Salvage the Bones: Poetry and Reality in the Penumbra

Mischievous yet insightful. Raw yet incantatory. Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward dissects the overlapping of literary rhythm and brazen realities. It takes home the 2011 National Book Award. A […]

Passenger 19: Large-scale Conspiracy or Plain Hijacking?

TAC-Air Flight 223, which carries 21 passengers, a captain and two crew members, crashes in a jungle of Southern Colombia. However, two passengers listed on the manifest are missing. One […]

Everything We Keep: Getting Past Catharsis

When your wedding day turns out respects to a funeral, would you still believe in a happily ever after, known also as forever? Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale reconciles […]