"Farleigh Field"

In Farleigh Field: A Gripping Thrill of Friendships and Allegiances during Wartime

History, in general, is an interesting aspect of life. It is captured depending upon the writer’s angle of reference and upon the art of presentation. In Farleigh Field, Rhys Bowen […]

Fortune Island: Exploring the Immensity of Nature

Fortune Island lies off the coast of Nasugbu, Batangas. It is adjacent to the West Philippine Sea, formerly known as the South China Sea. This island can be reached through […]

"Camino Island"

Camino Island

Reading the Camino Island is like hopping the beach as I cancelled a getaway. It is enjoying the sun and sand as I stayed indoors. It is skipping a heartbeat […]

"the universe has your back"

The Universe Has Your Back

The assurance that The Universe Has Your Back is solace when un-good vibes cloud our objectivity, frustrations diminish our energy, and loathing consumes the best in us; and thereby disturb […]