"Learn Like Einstein"

Learn Like Einstein

Did you know that I have always wanted to be like Einstein? I wanted to become a scientist after I realized that my dream of becoming the president of my […]

"Beginning Again" "Sarah Pekkanen" "eShort Story"

Beginning Again

“I love happy endings, they are so rare,” Stephenie Meyer once put it in one of her sequels. Beautiful, is not it? However, when everything has fallen apart and you […]

"As A Man Thinketh"

Five Reasons Why We Should Choose Our Thoughts

In a rapidly changing society shaped by the fast-paced modern technology, we often get captive of ideas and concepts that instead of clarifying our purpose, obstruct its rationalization into our […]

"Galerian Lines"

The Euphoria of Solo Travel

Going to places appeals a lot to me. Fresh air that brushes against my face, new sights that inspire the kid in me, countryside-living that teaches a lesson or two, […]